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What is Phaeton Kiosk?

Phaeton kiosk is a nostalgic and aesthetic mobile vehicle in phaeton form which may be transported easily thanks to its original phaeton wheels and may be designed and equipped ergonomically for all kinds of sales. It is actually a mobile business place.
Phaeton Kiosks are manufactured in limited number in boutique manner as a result of an intensive effort.
Phaeton kiosk may have various names in the daily life. For example;
Mobile kiosk, Mobile shop, Mobile business place, Mobile Cafe, Portable Kiosk, Portable Car, Portable Business Place, Portable Business Place, Coffee Cart, Ice Cream Car, Kebab Car, Waffle Car, Mobile Waffle Shop, Mobile Stand, Liquor Kiosk , Newsstand, Pizza Kiosk, Turkish Bagel Kiosk, Doner Kiosk, Phaeton Bar, Mobile Vitamin Bar,… etc.

Advantages of Phaeton Kiosk;
Being the boss of your own job,
Moving your workplace to another location,
Selling different products in your own workplace

Where it is used?
They may be located easily in and out of town; in open-green areas and surrounding places, areas where entertainment, recreation and picnic needs are fulfilled and recreational areas where all kinds of sportive activities like soccer, tennis, swimming pool and golf may take place.

Outstanding Features of Kiosks;

  • Quality Material and Hand Workmanship,
  • Production with Old Methods,
  • Safe and Robust,
  • Nostalgic and Aesthetic View,
  • Adaptable to all kinds of product sales,
  • Children Pars, Public Parks and Hobby Gardens,
  • Potential for Drawing Customers Safely,
  • SDistinctive Presentation of the Products Sold,
  • Customized Equipment Assembly,
  • Ergonomic Use,
  • Transportability and Mobility,
  • Ability to sell all kinds of products,
  • Easy Use in Open-Confined Spaces,
  • Various Size and Color Options,

There are numerous place options for the kiosks intended especially to be used in open areas;

  • City Centers, Points with Intensive Pedestrian Traffic,
  • Roads Closed to Traffic and Walking Routes,
  • Shopping Malls and Fast-Food Restaurants,
  • Fairs, Exhibition Stands,
  • Funfairs and Entertainment Centers,
  • Children Pars, Public Parks and Hobby Gardens,
  • Tourism Establishments, Holiday Villages, Hotels,
  • Historical Places, Protected Areas and Museum Gardens,
  • Places Surrounding Religious Centers,
  • Gardens of Hospitals and Health Centers,
  • Zoological Gardens and Theme Parks,
  • Marinas and Piers,
  • Airports,
  • Subway and Train Stations,
  • Bus Terminals, Garages and Parking Areas,
  • Petrol Stations, Rest and Service Areas,
  • Residences and Luxury Housing Estates,
  • Places Surrounding Indoor and Outdoor Sporting Facilities,
  • Wedding Halls and Countryside Wedding Venues,
  • Organization Firms,
  • Movie and Photo Studios.